Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Bride Of Synthog - keyboard and wire harness

The Bride Of Synthog's keyboard (the first of three) is one octave and made of painted mat board cemented to two layers of mousepad material, which provides springiness.  Each key has a wire and a 10k resistor underneath, and the keys are mounted on a wooden board.

The wires from the circuit to the keys are now soldered onto the bridge pads and harnessed, but aren't connected to the keyboard yet.  The enclosure has an oblong knockout on top that will allow all three harness sets to pass when the other two keyboards are built (if that day ever comes).

I got two commercial grade plastic storage tubs for free at a convenience store as they were being discarded.  Our cat Sissy is inspecting them.

I got a little stereo mic for 25 cent at a garage sale.

I got the soul of a junk man.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Bride Of Synthog Keyboard assembly

I made keys out of mat board, and painted them.  Bare wire is attached to the bottom of each key with heavy duty rubber-based cement.  Wire is routed around the keyboard base so that white and black keys can make contact.  Key wires will come out the back of the keyboard and be soldered to 13 10k resistors and then to solder points along the back.  The keyboard's output is a single wire.  The box onto which the keys are taped for cementing is the enclosure I'm going to use.  It's a brand new breaker box, found at Habitat For Humanity ReStore for $10.
Also pictured are two lo-z cardiod mics I got for $10 at a garage sale.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Bride Of Synthog has a plastic wiring bridge

The bridge contains 13 mini-boards with 3 solder pads on each.  3 lengths of solid bell wire connect these pads to the 3 voices on each IC.  There are six holes drilled next to each mini-board, through which wires running to the keyboards will be routed.  The wires will be soldered to the pads, but they'll pass through the holes first.  The holes will act as a strain relief.
At one end of the bridge, wiring for the power input, keyboard output, and audio output are routed through the plastic.  Connections to these wires will be made with wire nuts.

Thursday, April 09, 2015

Bride Of Synthog - all 13 notes completed

Now I have to wire 3 voices (sine, triangle, and square) for each of the 13 notes.  13 wires for each of 3 keyboards.  I'm going to build a plastic passageway over this assembly to which I'll superglue 13 sets of 3 solder pads for this purpose.  3 wires will go from each note to each set of 3 solder pads, and a wire will go from each solder pad to a key on one of 3 one-octave keyboards.