Friday, March 28, 2008

Mini magnetic chess set

I'm getting back into chess after a 15 year break. I'm rated 1148.

Here's a mini magnetic chess set. I can't find out anything about it. It's the smallest I've ever seen. The board is made of silkscreened enameled thin steel sheet metal. The pieces are painted on little round magnets, about 1/4" diameter each. Once you learn how to manipulate the tiny pieces, it's very handy for playing over games out of books. I've always kept it in the small ziplock bag that it came in. It fits easily in a shirt pocket. I don't have a scanner right now, so here's a photo. Hopefully you can zoom it. Bought from Don Oswald in 1987. He pooh poohed it and said "they don't sell very well". I couldn't resist that kind of salesmanship and bought it for a whopping two bucks or something.