Monday, February 23, 2015

Test bench and parts for Bride Of Synthog

Assembled this small testing bench.  A sheet of solid unused sheet copper (left over from printmaking in Tampa in 1981) is mounted to a hunk of painted 2x6, and drilled to hold jacks and a switch. A small adhesive-backed plastic breadboard is mounted in the middle. There are two grounded solder points in the foreground made of thick copper wire attached to the main sheet.  The parts shown in the 2nd photo will be used to build one note of the Bride Of Synthog, and then a second note, on the breadboard, to make sure they work together before final assembly of all 13 notes (using all the parts) is begun.  For that I will use ground plane construction on an unetched PC board, with mini etched boards mounted on it, and with 10 megohm resistors used as isolated pads.  I'll document progress on this project right here.